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A Twist on a Classic

Who doesn't love the look of marble? It has soft, neutral colors that can be incorporated into many different aspects of your kitchen.

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Marble is a beautiful selection in the kitchen, especially as a backsplash material. There are many different sizes and shapes of tile like herringbone, hexagon, and subway that come in a marble finish. Another trend that you will find is that people are running their countertop slab up the wall. This look creates a seamless appearance that won’t break up the eye and brings continuity to your space. Another idea is to run the marble countertop down the side of your island to really make a statement in your space. While the look of marble is very popular, the stone itself is not used as much anymore. Marble is very porous and can tend to leave marks and rings if not maintained properly. Luckily, companies like Cambria and Pompeii are creating quartz countertops that resemble marble with all of the properties that we love about quartz. You will also find that porcelain tile has a marble look as well.

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