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Statement Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall… what is our most favorite accessory of all? Why it’s an amazing statement mirror of course!

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Mirrors can be so versatile and interesting. They can really lighten and brighten a space. You can hang them on the wall above a couch, fireplace or even over a bed. You can also just lean them against a wall if they are large or place a matching pair of them behind nightstands to add dimension. Adding a pair of lamps in front of a mirror can help to illuminate a dark room. For a really dramatic effect, try a shaped mirror like a sunburst or a Palladian window. Mirrors will always make a room feel larger and give you the perception of more square footage. Last but not least, a beautiful mirror can be used to reflect an amazing chandelier or piece of art so it can be seen from anywhere in a room.

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Closet Chic

How many of you remember the scene from Princess Diaries when Anne Hathaway is standing in the middle of that amazing closet. Yes, I know it's the movies but let's face it... didn't we all want that closet?

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All of us have different size closets but isn't it time that we stopped dreaming about it and started figuring out how to create our own killer closet? I'm not even saying that you need to call California Closets but what I am suggesting is first of all, start with an amazing light fixture... you have to see your clothes, right? From there, think light and bright and most importantly, how to maximize your space. There are great organizing solutions at all different price points. I even included a picture from Ikea. You can always use a piece from there and upgrade it with moulding. Treat yourself, you deserve it!

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