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Hide It Away

Simplicity is the key to great design. Sometimes having fewer elements in a space can give your design a stronger impact. That being said, there are some great tricks out there to hide things away in your home.

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Whether it is a large appliance or some small miscellaneous kitchen items, there are creative ways to conceal these things into your design. Many designers choose to disguise refrigerators to look like a run of cabinetry. This trick can work in a laundry room setting as well. Refrigerators can also be made to mimic an armoire with mirror and styled trim work. You may also want to consider your storage needs when it comes to your kitchen as well. Take advantage of every square inch! You can hide away spice racks, trash cans, wine racks, cutting boards, and you can even conceal drop zones for wallets and keys. Take time to consider where you will incorporate these things into your design ahead of time so you can hide away unsightly things and let your design shine!

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Wrap Around Your Corner

Kitchens are the hub of the home and most layouts are designed to maximize efficiency and space. Today's kitchens are starting to incorporate some great design details. One very popular element is corner shelves.

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These shelves also have a highly functional use.  Corners are not the easiest places to deal with but open shelving can wrap helping to bridge the space around them. Trip them out with some plates or coffee cups or style them with various accessories full of color and texture. I'm sure they will end up being a favorite design element in your kitchen.

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Why You Should Always Go With Drawers

There are many reasons to pick drawers over cabinets for your kitchen but let's talk about why.

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First on the list would be accessibility. Since drawers are two feet deep, you can open them to full extension and reach anything in the back with ease. Efficiency is definitely an attractive feature. Fill up drawers with plates, pots or pans, multiple 9x13's, spices and the list goes on. Finally, if you are an organizer then drawers are perfect for you. You can trip them out with all types of dividers for all sorts of things. All of the kitchens I help design are always loaded with drawer stacks. Not only do I love the look of their symmetry but also they are just so practical to have in a kitchen.

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Herringbone Backsplash Fav's

We all know that herringbone is a classic pattern that has emerged as a very strong design trend but is it going away soon? My answer is no and here is why...

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The trend in kitchen design is to have free standing hoods and also more open shelving incorporated into the cabinetry. With these two elements that leaves a bit more room to do something interesting with a tile backsplash. It used to be we used 4 x 4's and maybe turned them on the diagonal, but that trend is long gone. What people want instead is a design statement to be made in the kitchen. The two best ways to accomplish this is with an amazing countertop or an amazing backsplash. These are just a few of my favorites. Are you ready to think about updating your backsplash?

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Is a Farmhouse Sink for You?

When I am consulting with my clients on their kitchen remodel projects they often ask me about my thoughts on installing a farmhouse sink. Farmhouse or Apron sinks have been around for some time now but have recently become very popular in kitchen design.

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It used to be that white enamel was the only choice on the market for sinks. Today's kitchen designs are starting to incorporate stainless apron sinks. For those who like a classic design but also want a modern edge, a stainless apron sink might be perfect for you. Farmhouse sinks are great because they have a wide open base and can be incorporated into any design style you are trying to achieve in your home. There are many sources, price points and designs to choose from giving us all great options to incorporate farmhouse sinks into our homes.

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