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A Pet's Perspective

We all consider our pets family and sometimes we do so much so that we even recognize their needs when it comes to designing our home.

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There are lots of great ways to customize your home to conceal and build-in some of your pets commodities. Many homeowners are incorporating their dog and cat bowls into the end of their islands. This is a great solution to eliminate large bowls from cluttering up the corner of a room. Another consideration for your kitchen is to add in a small gate to allow your pet to be contained while you are away but to also let them have some space to move around. This idea is also great if you have young children because it keeps them from being within arms reach of your appliances. You could also consider stashing away unsightly dog and cat beds by hiding them underneath furniture or building them into your mudroom. Also, if you have a large dog or even an animal that loves the outdoors but is constantly tracking in mud and dirt, you may even benefit from carving out a small area to build in a pet bath and grooming area. These ideas are sure to make your fur baby feel like they are right at home!

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