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Goodbye to Melissa

This is certainly not an easy blog to write but here it goes...

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   Our shining star is leaving team Decorator Girl to move to Colorado with her guy. As many of you know I brought Melissa on almost three years ago. Her overwhelming enthusiasm and willingness to learn residential design was so refreshing. However, her personality, hard work, and talent is what won her over to many of you. 
   As for me, many of you thought Melissa was my daughter. Well, she’s my work daughter... but truly if I had ever been blessed with a daughter, I would have been extremely fortunate to call her mine. I’ve cherished our decorating adventures, our time driving around together but mostly I have cherished Melissa. It’s been my privilege to teach her and create with her but most importantly, it’s been my distinct and heartfelt honor to call her my work daughter. She will be missed by so many of you but especially by me.

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Design Forecast 2018

As the new year commences, so do the new design trends. Whether it is a popular new color, pattern, or style, it is always exciting to see what the new year has in store for the design world.

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One of my favorite design trends is the use of neutral and earthy tones. This includes raw wood, neutral paint colors, and tone-on-tone materials. This color combination is timeless and can be used in any room of the house. One trend that I use a lot in art installations is the use of a gallery wall. This look is great for large walls. You can pick the same frame and repeat it in a grid. Fill your frames with black and white family photos for a personal touch. Another popular design craze is the use of brushed golden metallics. This is a fun finish to use when mixing metals or to add a fun pop to a space. Another fad in the design world lately is the use of three dimensional wall art. I love this technique because it adds dimension and interest to your walls. Finally, the use of velvet is popular lately because of the rich texture it adds to a room. The year 2018 is the perfect time to revamp your space and incorporate some of the new design trends.

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Dreamy Dutch Doors

There are many opportunities in your home to marry functionality with beauty. A perfect example of this design concept is with a dutch door.

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Dutch doors give you the distinct design opportunity to mix different materials and styles all in one. The bottom of the door remains closed which is useful to keep pets and small children safe inside. The top can be opened to allow a cool breeze to come in or to let natural light flow throughout your home. While these things are practical, dutch doors are also an appealing design feature. This is where you can add extra molding, paint it a fun color, or even mix glass and wood together to create something beautiful to welcome guests into your home.

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Striking Roman Shades

Window treatments are the perfect compliment to a great design. The best way to finish your window or door is with a soft, lovely roman shade.

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Window treatments are not as heavy and complicated as they used to be. Sometimes, less fabric can draw a greater impact. A roman shade is the perfect, yet also functional, solution to add texture and provide shade to a room. You can select a solid fabric like a linen, a patterned textile, or even a rattan shade. Roman shades tend to be mounted just inside the window casing but can also be mounted above a window if it has no trim around it. You can add beading or a trim to the edge of your shade to add a little something extra. When it comes to adding the finishing touch to your design, don’t forget about your windows!

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Hide It Away

Simplicity is the key to great design. Sometimes having fewer elements in a space can give your design a stronger impact. That being said, there are some great tricks out there to hide things away in your home.

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Whether it is a large appliance or some small miscellaneous kitchen items, there are creative ways to conceal these things into your design. Many designers choose to disguise refrigerators to look like a run of cabinetry. This trick can work in a laundry room setting as well. Refrigerators can also be made to mimic an armoire with mirror and styled trim work. You may also want to consider your storage needs when it comes to your kitchen as well. Take advantage of every square inch! You can hide away spice racks, trash cans, wine racks, cutting boards, and you can even conceal drop zones for wallets and keys. Take time to consider where you will incorporate these things into your design ahead of time so you can hide away unsightly things and let your design shine!

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Jazz Up Your Doors

There are so many ways to make a statement in your kitchen and bathroom nowadays, especially with your choice in cabinetry. You can paint your cabinets a bright color, mix two different styles, or even add some interesting hardware but one of my favorite ways to jazz things up is by changing the door style.

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There is a huge rise lately in the use of shaker cabinetry which is a very tailored and clean look, but try thinking outside the box. Sometimes just changing the doors on your uppers or on a bathroom vanity can transform the look of the whole room without overwhelming the rest of the design. You can choose to incorporate a pattern or special design in the glass of your cabinets or you can have a trim carpenter create a wood overlay on top of a standard door. You can also integrate antiqued or smoked mirror for additional interest. The sky is the limit when it comes to what you can do to make your cabinetry one-of-a-kind.

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Tablescapes for Fall

I'm not sure if you are like me but I love to walk into a Crate and Barrel or a Pottery Barn store in the fall. They usually have some amazing tablescapes displayed up front. Decked out for Fall, Thanksgiving, or Christmas, these tables give us all great ideas to take home. The following pictures are sure to inspire as well. 

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There are many common elements that you see in these beautiful photographs. Notice the layering effects going on. These are as important as the colors and textures chosen. Try to design a table that has a more dimensional look to it instead of a table that is flat. Look to your yard for some inexpensive ways to incorporate a layer. Beautiful leaves or cuttings can be a terrific addition. Finally, don't forget to try to mix things up a bit. Using different dishes and pairing them with something you haven't used before is a great way to visually change your table. There are no design rules here, just creativity.

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Nice Niche

One thing that has gone from a luxury item to a mainstay in showers today is the niche. What's interesting is how they are evolving in design.

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It used to be that niches were very small and built out of the same material as the shower walls. Today's niches are better designed with all sorts of cool ideas such as two tiers, oversized horizontals, and of course beautiful selections of tile materials for in and around the niche. I think the most important aspect of a shower niche is where to place it. I always try to take advantage of lower pony walls or walls that are not seen except when standing inside the shower. The reason is although it's a decorative item I don't think it should be the focal of the shower. Plus do you really want to put your shampoo and conditioner bottles on display? When you are remodeling your shower it's a good design tip to always remember.

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Getaway to the Ritz

With eighteen miles of pristine beaches and some of the most gorgeous moss covered southern oaks, Amelia Island is just a short drive north from Jacksonville. The Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island is perched high amongst the sand dunes and offers a great overnight destination for any special getaway.

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Prior to visiting make sure to make a reservation at Salt. The restaurant has an outstanding menu and beautiful views. I personally started at the the pool with a frozen strawberry daiquiri from the pool side bar and then wandered out on the board walk where staff is there ready to set up your chaise lounge and umbrella. The beach is pristine with amazing dunes framing the hotel. If you are a golfer there is great course adjacent to the hotel. You can always ask for an early check in and explore the resort until your room is ready. The staff and the service they provide is true southern hospitality. They are ready to help your stay at the Ritz be a relaxing, memorable getaway.

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Emerald City

My absolute favorite jewel tone that has been popping up all over the place this fall has got to be emerald green!

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Fair warning… this color is definitely for the bold decorators out there! Emerald is a rich and deep color that really adds a unique layer to any room. It looks great on cabinetry, casegoods, and can even be a unique pop of color for the back of a bookcase. For a real statement, use a velvet emerald fabric on your sofa with pops of gold around it. Emerald green is also a great choice for the bedroom. It can be the upholstery color for your headboard or can be layered into your bedding. If you are more of a cautious decorator, just add it in through some great pillows on your couch or in a couple of accessories and art pieces around your home. Whether it is just a few small touches or an entire wall in your favorite room, this yummy color is sure to be the statement of your next project. I’m already green with envy!

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