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5 Design Resolutions

Yes I know… we put so much pressure on ourselves to come up with New Year's resolutions that it becomes a bit overwhelming. I'm here to give you 5 easy design ideas to help get you started on some quick and inexpensive changes for your home in 2016.

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Design Tip One: Change up your art. You don't necessarily have to buy new art. You can see on this art wall that these pictures where taken from a coffee table book. There are actually a lot of potential art pieces laying around your house that you might not have considered. Repeating frames and vintage frames all can help to achieve a great look for a new art wall.

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Design Tip Two: Use layers and textures in your home. This is a pretty amazing room but what gives it that unique look is that fact that many elements possess color and texture. Maybe you have a quilt that was your Grandmother’s or some extra damask fabric… even an extra tray to lay on the bed can be used to achieve some more visual interest. I encourage you to rummage through your closets and trunks and see if you have any pieces you would like to bring back into your design.

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Design Tip Three: Have a small piece reupholstered, even if it's a small chair or bench. Bring an amazing new fabric into your space to liven up or shake things up a bit, especially if you have been holding onto a fabric for a while that you love. Bring it out and find the perfect piece to put it on.

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Design Tip Four: Think Vintage. There are many great sources in your area that you can go and browse around to see if they might have that perfect piece to add to your space. In all of my designs, I always try to incorporate a vintage piece or two. It doesn't always have to be furniture. It could be a mirror, an old suitcase or small trinket that would look perfect on your coffee table.

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Design Tip Five: Change out some of your accessories. There are many easy changes you can make in your home but the easiest change and the most cost effective change is to swap out some of your pillows, lamps or vases. Accessories can infuse color, add a touch of a contemporary vibe or even help give you a new look for your bookcases. It's truly a quick an easy way to change the feel of your space.

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