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Conversation Pieces

It's very interesting how different people can envision a space. I get a kick out of my clients when a grin comes across their faces as they tell me, "Oh my gosh, I never thought of that".  So when it comes to the layout of some spaces, my favorite is arrangement is four chairs.

via Pottery Barn

via Better Homes and Garden

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You see... I am a floater. I just think a room is far more interesting when you pull things off of the wall a bit. One of my favorite configurations is four chairs that are positioned around a beautiful round coffee table with an awesome chandelier handing down over it. Some of us have smaller living rooms and some of us have such large spaces that we need another way to separate the room. These are the rooms that would benefit the most from this layout. Visually, I like all four chairs to match but I have mixed it up a bit and used two different pairs of chairs. Take a peek around your house and see if you a space that would perfect for this amazing design.

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