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Pillow Talk

At Decorator Girl, our philosophy is that great design does not have to be expensive. Pillows happen to be one of those great elements that adds immediate impact to a room by infusing color and dimension. So here are a few tips on what to do when layering pillows on your bed.

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The biggest mistake that is made when it comes to layering your bed pillows is that people forget to use the height of the pillows as the best way to place them on the bed. The largest pillows go in the back, usually called a euro, layered in front with rectangular or square sizes that are obviously lower in height, followed by long bolsters or smaller rectangular shaped pillows. For a dramatic effect, I love using an oversized bolster or oblong done in a great fabric or fur. How many pillows to use is determined by your bed size and personal taste. I generally like three euros in the back. It is important to go a size up in your pillow inserts so your pillows are fuller. This makes a huge difference! My final tip is use feather or feather/blend pillows for your inserts. They plump up so much better which prevents them from flattening over time.

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