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Trade Secrets

I thought it might be fun to share some great tricks of the trade that designers like to use. I have always believed in sharing great ideas so I'm going to pass some along to you.

via house beautiful

via house beautiful

via Pinterest

Sometimes we think we know the answer but often we end up guessing by using our eyes rather than knowing the true formula. I totally understand because I've done that myself. For those of you that struggle a little bit with certain design decisions, hopefully some of these trade secrets will work for you. If you like to paint things yourself and you are using a brush, use Floetrol. Add it to your latex paint to help hide unsightly brush strokes. I love to make my own art… I especially love collecting maps. The last picture is a great example of how to make a very unique piece of art by grabbing just a small detail of a map. 

I hope you have enjoyed this week's blog. We really appreciate you following along and we hope that you share it with your friends!

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