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Rock On

Geodes, or agates, are round rocks that are hallow on the inside, lined with crystals. They are quickly becoming designers new favorite accessory and as far as I'm concerned, they are here to stay!

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Geodes are great because they are so versatile in color and shape. Designers love them because they can be framed in large or small shadow boxes which can add layers of dimension and texture to your walls. Some artists have been inspired by the beauty of these rocks and have created exquisite framed and canvas art pieces displaying the dimensions these agates have. Some stores, like Home Goods, also sell these rocks that are sliced in half so you can see the many dimensions of the inner layers. These sculptural pieces can be on display on a side table or nightstand, or they can be used as bookends to display your collection of novels. Whether you are using the thin slices as coasters, hanging them with plate hangers, or just displaying them on your bookshelves, there are endless ways to use these wonderful geodes in your home. Come by the RAP Designer Dream House this weekend and check out how Decorator Girl used agates as the inspiration for the Riverview Guest Room. Details on how to come by and see the space are below.


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