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Office Oasis

It's amazing the answers I receive when I ask my clients who I'm working with about their priority list for getting their spaces designed in their home. It seems that one of the top three answers is always their office yet somehow the urgency to design that space always tends to fade away...why is that?

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I'll tell you's because we always are taking care of others and not prioritizing what we need. Several years ago, every kitchen designed by a professional had a desk drawn into the design. Nowadays, the hub of the home is the laptop and the cellphone. There is no need for a landline phone and with wireless throughout your home, the desktop computer is not a necessity either.  The point I am trying to make in this blog is that although we are wireless now, we still need a quiet place to sit down and work, organize and manage our lives and our family's needs. Many women are able to work from home now and that quiet space should become a priority. Just remember that surrounding yourself in a "me" space could be just the thing to make you look forward to going to work everyday.

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