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Fall Living

As September starts to wind down and we anxiously wait to walk into our closets so we can grab a pair of jeans and a sweater, we realize that it's time to put the summer accessories away and start looking forward to Fall...

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Maybe it's just me but Fall is my favorite season. I'm not as fortunate as some of you in that I do not get to walk out and see beautiful leaves turning amazing colors...but a girl can dream about it can't she? Fall picnics, going to the pumpkin patch or even taking time to have a cookout where every one huddles around a bonfire and roasts marshmallows. It's the perfect time of year to carve out time for these seasonal staples. Around the house it's time to start pulling out some of those more organic accessories... things with texture or old patinas such as pine cones layered in a tarnished silver bowl, acorns sitting in a crystal goblet or even red apples stacked in an urn. These are inexpensive touches that are classic but not expected. Of course you can spray a pumpkin or two but go for the unexpected and enjoy accessorizing because we all know that the holidays are coming.

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