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My Favorite White Paints

Why is it that white paint has become so difficult to select for your home improvement project? Well I'll tell you why…there is too many out there! Yes, having choices is a great thing but when your eye is not able to detect other shades of color in your paint well…Uh-Oh!!

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Okay so here's the deal, white paint isn't necessarily white paint. It has some undertones in it. There is white with yellow, grey, pink, peach and the list goes on and on. Yes, there is still "Super White" out there that is a semi gloss but now-a-days clients want more of a grayed down white or a creamy here's a few to check out. My all time favorite is Benjamin Moore's White Dove. Coming in a close second is Benjamin Moore's Cloud Cover as well as Chantilly Lace. One other thing to consider is that you do not always have to use a high gloss or semi-gloss for your trim color. I actually prefer it in satin or an egg shell finish because it softens the shine. Let me know what your favorite white is!

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