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Darling Dots

Geometrics are all the rage in the design world these days but one classic shape stands the test of time... Polka Dots.

via Kate Spade

via Lauren Conrad

via Thibault

via stylemepretty

via the simplified bee

Oversized, irregular, small or large... Polka Dots are fun way to add interest to your space without spending a lot of money. I once saw a picture on Pinterest where a girl cut up her Laundry Basket to use it as a template to paint polka dots on her wall. The great thing about these dots is that the can be concentrated all in one area, or spread out to keep a completely symmetrical pattern. Vinyl decals, wallpaper or paint can be used to achieve a freeform confetti look that adds whimsy and color to any room. If it's good enough for for Kate Spade well then.....

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