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Coastal Vibe

So all of us are not fortunate enough to own a Beach House, but who says we can't add some Coastal vibe into our spaces?

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via Decorator Girl


Turquoise waters, beautiful shells and coral, lush greenery and palms... all our lovely reminders of our beach vacations. I would say that most of us dread the last day at the beach. Knowing the next day we have to pack it up and head home is horrible! I'm here to tell you to take a little bit of that beach vacation and incorporate into your home. You do not have to transform your entire house... just a few touches here and there.

Some of us have a hard time with accessories... so let these pictures inspire you. Texture, color, and layering all are essential tools of giving your space a beautiful coastal vibe. Just that one shell laying on the coffee table will be a great reminder of the turquoise waters that are waiting for you.

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