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Styling Bookshelves 101

We all have a love-hate relationship when it comes to our bookshelves and bookcases. Today, I want to alleviate your frustration by giving you a few simple tips to help you style them. At the end of this Blog, we have also included a video of Melissa and I styling some contemporary bookshelves.

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The first thing I like to do is to lay out any potential pieces that have a possibility of being placed in the shelves. Then, I take a walk around your home and grab a few things that are organic, have patina, an inlay box to use for height or a small piece of art. Now you are ready to start. I like to distribute my larger scale pieces on different shelves and visually spread them out. Then, I start looking for pieces I can layer or group together like a larger vase with a smaller one or a piece of coral laying on two books that are turned on their side. After that, it’s all about backfilling and grouping. Don't be afraid to take a picture and lean it on the back of the shelf or to display a plate on a clear stand. The most beautiful bookshelves have continuity. It is not that everything has to match but there needs to be good visual flow. If you are a minimalist, less is more for you. Enjoy the video!

How to Style Your Bookcase by Decorator Girl

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